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Traffic Movie Full Cast, Crew and Story. Hello Friends today i am going to share some interesting facts and Cast crew of traffic movie.

Traffic Movie Full Cast, Crew and Story

Traffic Movie

Story of the Film Traffic

A couple is off for a romantic weekend in the mountains which is accosted by a bike gang. Alone in the hills, Brea and John must defend themselves against a group, who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

Star Cast of the Film Traffic

Traffic Movie

Paula Patton (The Director of the Film)

Paula Patton is an actress and manufacturer. She is widely recognized for Warcraft the Starting, Deja Vu, Challenge Unattainable – Ghost Protocol, Valuable, The Do-Over, The Best Fit, About Closing Night time, 2 Cannons, Disconnect, Leaping the Broom, Simply Wright, and William Fichtner.

William Fichtner

William Fichtner is an Actor, Producer, and a Director. His films such as American Wrestler the Wizard, Independence Day Resurgence, Finding Steve McQueen, Hot Summer Nights, Black Hawk Down, Armageddon, Drive Angry, Crash and Traffic.

Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez is an Actress, Writer, and a Producer. She acted in the films such as The Game Plan, Without a Trace, Rush Hour 2, Act of Valor, Venus & Vegas, The Perfect Sleep, Yellow, Cayo, Underclassman, Edison, Larceny, Nightstalker, Boat Trip, and Traffic.

Missi Pyle

Missi Pyle is an Actress, Writer, and a Producer. She is well known for the movies such as The Artist, Galaxy Quest, Highly Functional, Pray for Rain, Play Dodgeball with Ben Stiller, Deidra & Laney Rob a Train, Grace, Stars in Shorts No Ordinary Love, Internet Famous and Traffic.

Crew of the Film Traffic

Traffic Movie

Deon Taylor (Director of the movie)

Deon Taylor is a director, a manufacturer and a author. He’s widely recognized for such motion pictures as Tony Roberts, I’m Other, Supremacy, Meet the Blacks, Motivated Vendor, Akuma, The Subsequent Door Area, Nite Stories Film, The Hustle, Useless Tone and Site visitors.\

Roxanne Avent (The Producer of the film)

Roxanne Avent is a producer and a Production Manager. She is well known for the movies like Dead Tone, Chain Letter, Nite Tales the Series, Supremacy, Motivated Seller, Free Agents, Nite Tales 2 The Movie, The House Next Door and Traffic.

Deon Taylor (The Writer of the film)

Deon Taylor is a Director, Producer and a Writer. He is well known for the movies such as Tony Roberts I’m Different, Supremacy, Meet the Blacks, Motivated Seller, Akuma, The House Next Door, Nite Tales the Movie, The Hustle, Dead Tone and Traffic.

Geoff Zanelli (The musical director of the movie)

Geoff Zanelli is track director. He’s widely recognized for motion pictures comparable to You Cannot Kiss the Bride, Below the Darkness, Inexperienced, As soon as Upon a Time in Queens, More potent Than Phrases, Pink Sneakers and the 7 Dwarfs and Flow.

Trailer Of The Movie




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