Ishqbaaz 2nd March 2018 Updates: Oberoi family sizzles on Laila O Laila – Indian Telly Updates

Ishqbaaz 2nd March 2018 Updates: Oberoi family sizzles on Laila O Laila

Ishqbaaz 2nd March 2018 Updates: Oberoi family sizzles on Laila O Laila. Today i am share ishqbaaz 2nd march latest update.
Shivaay tells OmRu that Tia is trying to help them and feels that Tia is aware of Veer and Soumya’s plan. Shivaay calls Tia, Svetlana, Soumya and Veer see it, Tia gets worried. Veer takes the phone before Tia can answer it and breaks the phone. Veer and Svelana confront Tia. Svetlana warns Tia that Soumya and Rudra’s marriage is crucial for their plan against the Oberoi family. Shivaay decides to find Veer and Kapoor sisters’ plan. Roop asks Pinky and Jhanvi about Kalyani Mills fire, Pinky and Jhanvi cover up and ask Roop not to worry. Roop makes an emotional drama and asks Jahnvi and Pinky never to doubt her. A Pandit and a lady meet them. In Oberoi Mansion, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya turn up in the modern avatar, the choreographers get shocked seeing them.
 Anika, Gauri and Bhavya dance on Laila O Laila. Pinky and Jhanvi return with the Pandit and his wife, Pandit praises about values of Oberoi family. ShivOmRu are seen approaching. ShivOmRu get shocked, Pinky and Jhanvi get shocked, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get shocked, Pandit’s wife faints.
Jhanvi shouts at the choreographers, ShivOmRu get angry with Oberoi Bahus. ShivOmRu tell their wives to apologize to Pinky and Jhanvi. Choreographers reveal that they called AniRiVya aunties, Pinky and Jhanvi get annoyed with the choreographers. The girls insult Pinky and Jhanvi by calling them Dadis. Pinky and Jhanvi decide to show them the real dance. Jhanvi and Pinky dance on Laila O Laila, AniRiVya get shocked seeing them, all the Obeori women dance together, ShivOmRu get shocked. Shakti and Tej come with Pandit and his wife, Tej and Shakti cover up for Obero Bahus, they all get dumbstruck seeing Oberoi women dancing on Laila O Laila,
 Pandit’ wife faints again. Tia wonders how to talk to Shivaay, she thinks of informing Roop’s truth to Shivaay. Roop worries about the plan, Roop warns Veer about Shivaay and tells Veer to keep Shivaay away from the wedding. She tells Veer to break Shivaay’s leg if need be, Veer assures to keep Shivaay bedridden for a week. Anika apologizes to Shivaay for the dance in their room, Gauri apologizes to Omkara, Bhavya says sorry to Rudra, ShivOmRu remain angry.
ShivOmRu pull their girls in their arms and make them dance with them. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya dance on Laila O Laila. Jhanvi – Tej and Pinky – Shakti are seen dancing too.

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