Ishqbaaz 28th February 2018 : Oberoi family once again faces Kalyani Milla Fire mystery

Ishqbaaz 28th February 2018 : Oberoi family once again faces Kalyani Milla Fire mystery.  Today i am going to share ishqbaaz 28th february latest Update.
Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya dance on O Re Piya re, Tej – Jhanvi and Shakti – Pinky join in. Shivaay and Omkara tease Rudra and share a Obro moment. Oberoi family dances and enjoys together. Veer sees them happy and gets furious. Veer gets determined to destroy the Oberoi family. Shivaay gets a call, he gets shocked on the phone. Shivaay asks the guests to leave, Oberoi family gets worried. Shivaay reveals that he got a call from the Commissioner stating that there is an arrest warrant against Shakti and police is arriving to arrest him. All get shocked, Veer feels happy. Shivaay reveals that Kalyani Mills fire investigation has been reopened and Shakti is suspected as the culprit. Pinky gets shocked. Shivaay assures Shakti and tells him to reveal the truth to prove his innocence.
Shakti remains quiet, Shivaay gets annoyed. Shakti tries to cover up, Shivaay asks others to answer. Tej asks Shivaay to trust Shakti and says that they have nothing to do with the Kalyani Mills fire. Shivaay speaks to the lawyer for anticipatory bail. Police arrives, Shivaay informs that he has already applied for anticipatory bail for Shakti. Police Inspector reveals that the arrest warrant is on the name of Pinky. Shivaay and all get shocked. Veer gets happy. Inspector reveals that Police has no information about Pinky’s whereabouts on the night of Kalyani Mills fire and hence need to question her.
Ishqbaaz future story: ShivOmRu seek help from Roop
Shivaay stops them from arresting Pinky and warns them to stay away from Pinky.
police holds Shivaay back, Shivaay warns the Police that if Pinky is touched, no one can leave the Oberoi Mansion. Veer gets happy to see Shivaay angry. Anika goes away and calls Shivaay, she tells him to be calm and be in senses as the enemies want Shivaay to be angry. Shivaay calms down and apologizes to the Inspector. Veer gets shocked. Shivaay asks the Inspector to give him time on an hour to ask Pinky about the whereabouts, Inspector agrees. Later, Anika tries to calm Pinky, Shivaay asks Pinky to reveal her whereabouts on the night of Kalyani Mills fire. Shakti signals Pinky not to reveal. Shivaay and Omkara wonders why the seniors are keeping quiet. Finally, Pinky decides to speak up. Pinky reveals that on that night, Roop’s daughter was sick and hence she had taken her to the hospital.
Shivaay gets relieved thinking Roop can tell the police that Pinky was with her on that night. Pinky tries to tell Shivaay that Roop will never help her, Shivaay assures Pinky. A lady is seen filling up water and walking with the Matka when ShivOmRu reach that unknown place. Jhanvi gets angry with Pinky, senior Oberois get worried. ShivOmRu get emotional seeing the lady dressed in white. The lady cries and questions ShivOmRu. They join they hands in front of the lady, she gets shocked and asks if everything is fine in the Oberoi Mansion.


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