Ishqbaaz 21 November 2018 Episode Written Update


Ishqbaaz 21st November 2018 Episode Written Update. 

Ishqbaaz 21st November 2018 Episode Start With Shivaay saves Annika from falling into the pool. He’s unaware of Roop’s evil plot of electric shock in the pool.  Rudra remembers Shivaay I said you’ll always remember this party. I waited long for this moment and finally, it’s here. Shivaay asks him with excitement what are you going to do? Rudra says sorry and pushes Shivaay into the pool. All of them burst into a momentary laughter at Rudra’s joke but then they notice the wire lying over the pool.

Shivaay faints on the water surface. Om moves ahead to bring him out but Annika reminds him that water is electricized. Om shouts to Khanna and disconnects the power supply. As the lights turn off OmRu jump into the pool to save Shivaay. Annika pleads to Om to take out Shivaay soon. The take Shivaay to his room. The doctor examines him and says it will take time to him to regain consciousness but Thank God he escaped barely. Om gets angry over Khanna to let a live wire into the pool. Khanna tells him that Rudra managed the lightings and also that Rudra asked him to keep the spark of lights secret.

All the circumstances and Rudra’s words while pushing Shivaay into the pool turns the needle of doubt against Rudra. The misunderstanding forces Annika to slap Rudra. She accuses him of trying to kill Shivaay and tells him how he broke their trust over him. Roop also moves ahead to add fuel to fire and inculpates Rudra for the same. She puts the blame of all her attempts of haunting Shivaay over Rudra. Om asks Rudra if Roop’s words are true? Rudra accepts his mistake and says yes. Then he tries to defend himself of the fake accusation of trying to kill Shivaay. And says I felt guilty for that and apologized in front of you.

I can’t do this ever. I didn’t know about the live wires. I didn’t do this. But Roop again points to Khanna’s statement and doesn’t let Rudra prove his innocence. Rudra has no proof to prove his innocence. He requests Annika to trust him. He requests everyone to believe him but nobody is ready to trust Rudra. When he loses support from all he goes to unconscious Shivaay lying in the bed and apologizes for his previous studies. He accepts that he tried to haunt Shivaay but he requests him to believe that he wasn’t involved in today’s accident. He pleads Shivaay to wake up and tell them all that I can’t do such a thing.

Accused of such allegation he bursts into tears. Finally, Shivaay comes back to his senses and says Rudy don’t be a cry baby. Shivaay gets up. Rudra tries to convince Shivaay that he pushed him into the pool but just for fun. He was unaware of the wires. Shivaay trusts him and says you did nothing. I know this and also know what you did. I understand that was your desipience behind that. And after that your anger but absolutely fair. And he encourages everyone to forget the past and move on.

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