How to Buy Jio Coin? full details of jio coin


How to Buy Jio Coin? full details of jio coin. The Jio Coin is not official as the cryptocurrency. So there is no chance anyone to buy the Jio Coin as of now. However, we can expect a Jio’s official website to receive an update soon regarding the advancement. Most probably the customers would be able to purchase the coins from a

The Reliance JIO is Planning to launch their cryptocurrency Because of the Present trend across the Worldwide. The JIO is starting a JIO Coin very soon, and this project is taking Akash Ambani son of Reliance head Mukesh Ambani. The Total 50 Members team is working on the developing JIO Coin through the Blockchain technology. The Blockchain technology is where we transfer the coins in various steps for one to the another. They are also giving a protection technology for the wallets for safe from hackers’ theft. The technology is mostly using for the cryptocurrencies, but Reliance Jio plans to use it for the supply of chain management logistics.

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How to Buy the Jio coins in India

There is having a like Lots of the wallets for Bitcoin buy or sell in India. The Most Popular purses for the buying/ selling the bitcoins is Zebpay, unicorn, coin-delta, and which is providing the Bitcoins, Ethreum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin for buy/ sell in a Rupees. The Jio Coin will be sell from their official Myjio app or separate app which will be developing them for the safety purpose.

Previously, Reliance Jio may launch their cryptocurrency on the JioMoney app in which you will be able to buy the Jio Coins Online and using your wallet balance too. But after a few days, it might become available for the purchase on a favorite exchange such as Bittrex, Finance, Koine. Stay Tuned here for buying the jiao coins that guide with a step by step procedures.

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As there is no updates on launching JIO coin but Livemint news portal already confirm about this but if there is any updates regarding JIO coin then it will be published on JIO official website so for latest updates JIO coin keep checking this portal and get latest updates, as Laxmi coin Is launching ICO on March 2018 and they already arrange Seminar on Laxmi coin in which invited guest will be rewarded some Laxmi coin, so If JIO right now choosing which platform will be better as they thinking about to option i.e. Tangle Technology or Blockchain, but sources says Blockchain will be JIO official choice.

The Price of the Jio Coin

It is reporting that each coin is cost somewhat less than Rs. 64, which is equivalent to 1 USD. The Jio is also expected to see a rise in the share market after the cryptocurrency’s launch.

Note: We are not associated with JIO official, this is just information about jio coin and JIO officials not yet confirmed about this so many fake website also there so stop searching about this and we promise you we will provide you latest updates about this. 




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