Full Episode Bepanah 16 April 2018 Written Update Colors TV New Serial Bepannah – Indian Telly Updates

Full Episode Bepanah 16 April 2018 Written Update Colors TV New Serial Bepannah

Full Episode Bepanah 16 April 2018 Written Update Colors TV New Serial Bepannah. Today i am going to share Colors new serial bepanh 16 April 2018 Written Updates.

In Today’s bepanah Episode The Framework in which Bella and Rohan were about to get married , falls down on the ground because maahi had loosened the Nut and
the hook of the framework . Aditya arrives in time and he pushes Zoya away and he falls on zoya .Aditya saves Zoya but he hurts himself on the hand in the process .

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Bella’s dad comes there and starts shouting . He blames aditya and zoya and their company for the criminal Negligence that could have taken his daughter’s life . He calls the Police and registers a complaint against aditya and Zoya . Police Officers reach the spot and they both arrest Aditya and Zoya for their negligence in work . Mr. Kapoor wanted to frame charges of culpable homicide against aditya and zoya but he couldn’t  . Maahi is happy on seeing all this because she wanted this to happen . She wanted Yash’s company toshut down in debt so that she could have the money of insurance , but the police officers think that Zoya and aditya are planning all this to get the money of insurance .

People standing over there start talking rubbish about aditya and zoya . Aditya enters the car of police and he starts drinking . He offers Zoya the drink . Zoya refuses . Arjun Reaches his room back to read the diary . But on opening the drawer he finds that his diary was missing . He gets shocked on seeing this . He doubts Mr hood and runs straight towards him , but he stops because he knows that his dad is too smart for this , he has to think of a big plan .

Aditya and Zoya reach police station and police officer asks both of them how they are related . Aditya starts taunting zoya and asks her to explain their relation to the police officer . Aditya drinks alcohol in the police station and this urges the police officer to put both aditya and zoya in the lockup . Zoya is scared and she pleads in front of the police officer that she is innocent and she is not responsible for all this .

Aditya lays down on the cushion kept over there and tries to sleep . Zoya tries to justify herself again in front of the officer . Aditya starts behaving like a child and complains to the officer that zoya is not letting her sleep . Aditya tries to instigate other jail mates of Zoya against zoya . This scares zoya more . Meanwhile , Arjun reaches his dad’s room at night to open his locker and take the diary back . Just at that moment , Harsh’s phone rings and Aditya crosses under his bed to the opposite side in order to save himself . Harsh gets to know about Aditya’s arrest and he runs to arjun’s room and asks him to accompany him to the police station .

Both Harsh and arjun reach the police station and Harsh bails out aditya . Arjun asks his dad for Zoya’s bail also , but he refuses . Aditya taunts zoya by saying that she shouldn’t have tried to correct her husband’s deeds that’s why she landed up in jail . he taunts zoya that it’s yash’s Karma that she has to face all this . He Leaves Zoya there in the jail and goes to his home . Zoya’s mom in law calls maahi and asks her about zoya’s bail . Maahi was eating ice cream and she replies her mom that she is stuck in the traffic jam and she cant reach the Police station . she says to herself that she wants zoya to stay in the jail for longer period of time . Zoya sees a cockroach on the ground and she starts screaming . She remembers how yash saved her from cockroaches in their house and she gets emotional .

Maahi Goes to the police station and she tells zoya that she doesn’t have enough money to bail out zoya . She will sell her mom’s jewellary tomorrow and will apply for Zoya’s Bail Tomorrow . Maahi leaves and This Breaks down Zoya . Harsh hooda starts shouting on aditya for wasting the money given by him on yash’s company . Aditya stays calm and he leaves silently . He tells his brother arjun that he gets relief when he sees yash’s company failing .

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