Bepanah 18 April Written Updates | Bepanah 18 April 2018 Full Episode


Bepanah 18 April Written Updates | Bepanah 18 April 2018 Full Episode. Today i am going to share Colors TV New Serial Bepanah 18 April 2018 Written Updates or Bepanah Full Episodes.

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Bepanah 18 April 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV New Serial Bepannah

In Today’s Bepanah Episode Zoya gets scared when she hears a sound in her office at night . Since there were riots going on in the city she believed that it might be some goon who has entered the office . It was none other than aditya who entered his office . Aditya accidently hurts his hand when he smashed the bottle of wine . His hand starts bleeding and he goes towards the washroom . Zoya takes out her nail cutter and starts following the Aditya . She sees a man going to the washroom and she locks the washroom from outside . Aditya tries to come out , but he gets to know that the door is locked and he starts pushing the door . Zoya stands in front of the door with the nail cutter in her hand with the aim of facing the goon . Aditya forcefully breaks the door and when he comes out he falls on Zoya who was standing just in front of her . Both fall on the ground and Zoya realises that it’s Aditya .

Aditya sees the nail cutter in her hand and he starts laughing on zoya that this was a ridiculous idea to fight a goon . Aditya and zoya go downstairs and aditya settles down to drink . Zoya starts asking aditya that why he has started drinking . Aditya tells zoya not to behave like his wife . Zoya promptly replies him that nobody would love to be his wife ever . Aditya gets furious and he tells zoya that it’s not his false that his wife cheated on him . He tells zoya that it’s zoya’s fault that she turned out to be a bad wife – nagging on her husband everytime and irritating him by asking him questions like this might have forced yash to look out for pooja in order to live in peace with her . Zoya slaps Aditya and she runs out of the office .

On moving out she notices some men destroying all the things in the surroundings and one of them notices zoya . zoya runs away and she hides behind a car . When the goons were about to find zoya , Aditya takes her and both of them hide behind another car . Zoya starts crying and aditya consoles her and asks her to relax . She tells her that he will be there with her in the office and she can stop worrying .

Both of them reach their office back . Aditya tells zoya that he will find the candles and will be back . Zoya holds his hand and asks her not to leave her alone as she is scared of dark . Aditya and zoya both find the candles and the matchstick . Zoya holds the candles and aditya lights up the matchstick . Both light the candle together . Zoya tells aditya that she has never seen a man like aditya .

Aditya offers zoya to sleep on the sofa and he decides to sleep on the ground . Zoya still questions that she is not able to understand aditya and what does he want ? Aditya replies – “SLEEP” . Aditya and zoya couldn’t sleep as they both start remembering their respective partners and both keep tossing on their sides the whole night . Both of them share with each other that they cant sleep at night these days .

Next morning zoya wakes up and she sees the sunlight coming directly on aditya’s face . She tries to block the sunlight with her dupatta so that aditya’s sleep is not disturbed . Aditya turns his hand and his hand was about to fall on the broken glass piece , Zoya notices that and she holds aditya’s Hand . Aditya thinks that it’s pooja’s hand and when zoya tries to go away , Aditya holds her hand more tightly and starts singing pooja’s favourite song .
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